2021 Championships Top 9 Finalist Information – for Advisors

Welcome! This page includes information and instructions for the advisors of the top nine finalists in each national SkillsUSA competition. 

As one of the top nine finalists for your contest, your student will be recognized live via Zoom during the NLSC Awards and Recognition session. We will be asking your student to 

  1. Confirm their participation in the NLSC Awards & Recognition Session, 
  2. Join us for a tech check to make sure they can get on Zoom successfully, 
  3. Join us via Zoom at a specific time. 

We have communicated these details directly to students on this web page.

How Can You Support Your Student?

Host a watch party:

When your student is on screen, we want the audience to see and feel the level of support your student has. If it’s safe to do so, consider hosting a watch party with SkillsUSA members, parents, school administrators, and others in attendance. When it is time for the big announcement, have watch party attendees assemble behind your student so that you are seen on screen. And if your student’s name is announced, celebrate like crazy. Cheer them on, throw streamers and confetti, whatever you can do to demonstrate your pride. Watch the video below to see an example of how you can support your student during the award announcement.

Be available:

If your student has RSVP’d and has not joined us online 20 minutes before their scheduled award announcement, we will be reaching out to them via the cell phone number they provided on the Championships Hub and in their confirmation. If your student is having difficulty joining the Zoom meeting, please reach out to SkillsUSA’s Customer Care Team at 844-875-4557 or customercare@skillsusa.org

Below, you will find a list of contests, the time we need for your student to join us on Zoom, and the Zoom link for each contest.

List of Contest Times with Zoom Links

(Find your contest, then scroll right to see what time to join and the Zoom information.)