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Why Career and Technical Education?

A career and technology based education will help your child to be more than just an average student. Career and technology education can give your child what's needed to succeed for life: technical skills, academic skills and employability skills. In addition, career and technical education helps students see how what they're learning applies to the needs of employers.

Regardless of whether students are headed for college or the workforce, this type of education will help them prepare for the future. In fact, college-bound students can get job experiences to help them define their career plans, identify an appropriate course of study and help pay for tuition.

Just think of the benefits your child will receive by gaining not only a solid foundation in academics, but also hands-on, technical experience and know-how.

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But wait! There's more!

Add SkillsUSA to career and technology based education, and you'll give your child further advantages!

SkillsUSA activities develop positive attitudes, build self-esteem and empower students to excel. They give students a head start in developing valuable professional skills such as communications, interpersonal abilities, time management, teamwork and more. Because SkillsUSA works hand-in-hand with business and industry, students get the skills employers want.

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What Employers Want

Employers say they are impressed by job candidates who have excellent communication skills, good grooming habits and relevant work experience. Employers say they want trustworthy new hires who can move right in, get along with their co-workers, and get the job done without having to be babied at each step.

Top 10 Qualities Employers Seek*

  1. Communication skills (verbal and written)
  2. Honesty/integrity
  3. Teamwork skills (works well with others)
  4. Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)
  5. Motivation/initiative
  6. Strong work ethic
  7. Analytical skills
  8. Flexibility/adaptability
  9. Computer skills
  10. Organizational skills

*National Association of Colleges and Employers