Personal Skills

Leadership Challenge Cards

These cards, packaged in a clear jewel case, feature 40 activity-based learning experiences designed to stimulate student growth in service, ethics, teamwork and goal setting.


RESOLUTE: Ethics at Work

RESOLUTE: Ethics at Work cards are a collection of scenarios that represent day-to-day dilemmas that workers in many occupations are likely to face on their jobs.


From Quotes to ResultsHave you ever wanted to find a simple yet meaningful way to teach leadership while motivating your students? This product does just that with 35 quotes related to seven key words: connected, motivated, respected, educated, involved, prepared and skilled. $24.95

Results to Honor CardsThe set consists of seven different cards, designed around SkillsUSA’s seven key words — connected, motivated, respected, educated, involved, skilled and prepared. $10.00

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