What Is SkillsUSA?This DVD showcases the championship attitude and passion shared by SkillsUSA members. Use this video as a recruitment tool for new members, or as a motivator for staff or students who are already involved. In under 10 minutes, viewers will have a clear idea of what SkillsUSA is all about. Share it with your school district television station, at school board meetings or at any event where you’d like students, teachers, partners or the community to know more about SkillsUSA. $9.95

Chapter Management Basics DVDThis award-winning DVD will help you enhance your student opportunities. Nearly 40 minutes of interviews with advisors, students and industry (as well as footage showing local chapters in action) will help you learn how to make SkillsUSA integral to your program, how to secure industry and administrator support and how to carry out the SkillsUSA Program of Work. $14.95

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