Skill Connect Assessments

Work Force Ready SystemSkillsUSA is known for providing real-life application of skills. In fact, SkillsUSA has been assessing technical skills for more than 50 years. Our current standards were developed in partnership with more than 600 corporations, labor unions, trade associations and businesses. With the Work Force Ready System, we can now provide an on-ramp to other professional certifications and pave the way ahead for our future American workforce.

The SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System provides assessments for career and technical education that are supported by industry, education and policy leaders. The Skill Connect Assessment parallels SkillsUSA’s successful hands-on, authentic assessment philosophy. The system helps instructors prove the benefit of their programs, and helps young people find rewarding careers.

What is the Work Force Ready System?

The Work Force Ready System is the way ahead for students pursuing rewarding careers, helping candidates prove their technical skills and knowledge to potential employers. Our industry-driven assessments for the next generation are part of a comprehensive package:

  • Skill Connect Assessments — Helping students prove what they can do. Discount for the number of SkillsUSA members in your school
  • Skill Connect Certificate — Earned for students achieving the passing cut-score
  • Student Certification — Earned for students achieving the passing cut-score on our PrintED Co-brand assessments
  • Skill Point Certificate — Earned only at the SkillsUSA Championships


Skill Connect Assessments

Available in more than 40 technical and employability assessments including co-branded assessments with ASE/AYES and PrintED/GAERF, the system offers a reliable evaluation of technical knowledge and skill. Assessments are supported by a comprehensive system that makes administration simple. They are designed to be used for end of unit, end of course or end of program, depending on the design of your curriculum.


Advances in media technology have made it possible to deliver rich-in-media assessments that are much more than electronic versions of a paper-pencil test. To ensure clarity, items are multiple choice and drag-and-drop with photographs, videos, animations and illustrations.

Each Skill Connect Assessment consists of approximately 50 questions and takes an estimated 60 minutes to complete. Questions are delivered in random order.


Designed to be affordable for everyone, Skill Connect Assessments are offered at a discount for SkillsUSA members.


Our rigorous and educationally sound process captures critical competencies, standards as defined by industry. Assessments may be used as pre-program, end of program or preparation for industry certification. A certificate, earned upon successful completion, is available to print on demand.

Benefits to your classroom

The Work Force Ready System helps you meet Perkins IV requirements. Our assessments offer these benefits:

Interactive: Animations allow assessment of a broader range of competencies than paper-based or text-only assessments

Industry-driven: Developed by industry experts

Responsive: Real-time assessment capability allows immediate grading and feedback for students, teachers and administrators, including printing of a certificate for successful scores

Diverse: Assesses employability or technical skills

Affordable: Designed with budgets in mind

How to purchase

View sample questions, purchase assessments and learn more at:

For questions about the assessments and benefits to your school, call 1-866-444-7779 or email