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Discover how to make employability skills training easy!

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All students need employability skills. Teaching those skills is a challenge faced by academic and career-training instructors, guidance counselors, school-to-career coordinators and college professors. They want to know: What should I teach? How can I make it interesting? When can I fit it into my program? In one seminar you’ll learn exciting ways to answer these questions.

In one seminar you will:

  • learn employability skills training from experts and seasoned teachers.
  • learn how to integrate the PDP into your program.
  • teach your students to manage their education.
  • learn how to maximize business and industry partnerships.
  • learn about the online version of PDP.
About the award-winning PDP

The award-winning Professional Development Program (PDP) is a curriculum that gives students a seamless education that takes them from school to work. In fact, it can be used to design a school-based/workforce learning program. The Professional Development Program guides students through more than 84 separate employment skills. These include goal setting, career planning and community service. The PDP is a self-paced curriculum for high school and college students. The curriculum involves local industry and is flexible enough to use in college, high school, academic, career-training and special needs programs.


For the price of the seminar you receive the following: a full day of training; the Professional Development Program Instructor’s Guide; one copy of each edition of the Professional Development Program Student Workbooks; and a certificate of completion.

  • Training & materials: $145/participant (does not include morning break or lunch.)
Half-day Option

For the price of a half day session you will receive the following:

  • A free license for each level (includes the Instructor Guide)
  • Training and materials: $50/participant (does not include meals)
  • Registration

Seminar prices do not include lodging. For more information on accommodations, to register or receive more information about these seminars, contact: Stephanie Bland at sbland@skillsusa.org, or by telephone at 703-737-0622.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

Get on-site training for your school or district, college, state department or consortium. Minimum attendance for the PDP Seminar is 30.