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Goodwill Visit Basics

Here are some basic steps to planning and carrying out a goodwill visit.



Champions at Work
  1. Make a list of one or more companies that you would like to visit. Each company should meet the following criteria: they could employ your students, they market their product/services to your industry, or they typically support education and youth within your community.
  2. Visit the company website to learn more about them.
  3. Identify a person by name at the company to contact (call and ask for the name of the human resources manager or the education/training manager).
  4. Write a letter requesting a visit to the company by a small group of students (four to six officers or SkillsUSA members selected for this activity).
  5. Call the company to request an appointment, within a few days after sending the letter
  6. Send a confirmation letter or email with the date and time of the appointment, the purpose of the meeting and whom you hope to meet (be sure to mention any special needs for your presentation, such as requesting a conference room, an LCD projector or a television and VCR).
  7. Develop and practice your presentation.
  8. Call to confirm the appointment one or two days before your visit.
  9. Arrive 15 minutes early for the appointment, and ask to be shown to your meeting room so you can set up for your presentation.
  10. Send a thank you letter from the students, a few days following the meeting (be sure to include any follow up information that was requested).
  11. Invite representatives from the company to your training program for an open house, to assist with PDP evaluations, to judge a local contest, or to attend your state conference.
  12. Follow up with a proposal for other assistance, but not until a meaningful relationship that benefits both sides has already been established