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Champions at Work
File Download File Type File Size
- SkillsUSA Brochure A PDF icon 434kb
- SkillsUSA Brochure B Word icon 2.4mb
- SkillsUSA Flier PDF icon 147kb
Chapter Management    
- Carta a los padres Word icon 108kb
- College/Postsecondary Constitution RTF Icon 40kb
- High School Constitution RTF Icon 36kb
- Local Constitution RTF Icon 20kb
- New Advisor Checklist PDF icon 76kb
- New Member Interest Survey PDF icon 27kb
- Officer Duties Worksheet PDF icon 25kb
- Parent letter Word icon 108kb
- Program of Work information PDF icon 45kb
- Sample Chapter Calendar PDF icon 81kb
- Sample Committee Worksheet PDF icon 403kb
- Sample Instructor Script Word icon 228kb
- Sample Meeting Agenda PDF icon 410kb
- Sample Meeting Poster PDF icon 70kb
- Sample Officer Filing Form PDF icon 24kb
Employability Skills Lesson Plans
(Preparing a Professional)
- Communications Activity Page PDF icon 28kb
- PDP Preview Guide PDF icon 303kb
- PDP Preview Guide Certificates PDF icon 303kb
- True or False Page PDF icon 24kb
Goodwill Visit Resources    
- Goodwill Visit checklist Word icon 112kb
- Goodwill Visit script Word icon 120kb
- Goodwill Visit sample appointment letter Word icon 108kb
- Goodwill Visit sample confirmation letter Word icon 112kb
- Goodwill Visit sample proposal Word icon 112kb
- Goodwill Visit sample thank you letter Word icon 112kb
New Advisor Materials    
- Chapter Charter PDF icon 45kb
- Member Collection form PDF icon 93kb
- Program of Work information PDF icon 45kb
- Administrator presentation PPT icon 5.1mb
- Business & Industry presentation PPT icon 1.1mb
- Parent presentation PPT icon 5.9mb
- Student presentation PPT icon 6.2mb
Programs & Curricula    
- Career Skills Education Program Demo PDF icon 574kb
- PDP Flier PDF icon 483kb
- PDP Lesson Plan 1 PDF icon 46kb
- PDP Lesson Plan 2 PDF icon 50kb
- PDP Lesson Plan 3 PDF icon 50kb
- PDP Lesson Plan 4 PDF icon 47kb
- PDP Lesson Plan (Farrington) PDF icon 231kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, level 1.9 PDF icon 51kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, level 2.3 PDF icon 57kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, level SK-4 PDF icon 62kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, level 2 PDF icon 53kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, level 4 PDF icon 50kb
- PDP Lesson Plan, Starter Kit PDF icon 53kb
- Student2Student Advisor Guide to the Mentoring Program PDF icon 62kb
- Student2Student Certificate PDF icon 420kb
- Student2Student Power Point PPT icon 1.3MB
- Total Participation Plan Contract PDF icon 228kb
- Professional Membership form PDF icon 82kb
Public Service Announcements    
- :15 Wendy Venturini - Fast Track MP3 icon 606kb
- :30 Wendy Venturini - Fast Track MP3 icon 1.2MB
- :60 Wendy Venturini - Fast Track MP3 icon 2.4MB
- PSA CD Label (Neato template USCD2llbl.NTT) PDF icon 253kb
- PSA Scripts PDF icon 64kb
SkillsUSA Week    
- Sample News Release Word icon 28kb
- Sample Proclamation Word icon 28kb
- Sample School Announcement Word icon 108kb
- SkillsUSA Fact Sheet Word icon 108kb
Training & Seminars    
- SkillsUSA University RFP PDF icon 133kb
- WLTI Application form RTF icon 20kb
- WLTI Registration form PDF icon 124kb
- WLTI Liability & Release PDF icon 87kb