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Chapter Management: Committees

Chapters divide the workload by delegating responsibilities to committees. A committee holds regular meetings, has a presiding member and follows an agenda. Committees serve as an excellent vehicle for each member to become actively involved in chapter activities. Committees also transfer the responsibility of SkillsUSA activities from the advisor to the members. The purpose of this chapter is to acquaint the advisor with the procedure in establishing committees.


Champions at Work

Standing Committees
The chapter's executive council should determine what committees are needed. The chapter president ultimately is responsible for selecting committee chairpersons. In many chapters, officers may chair committees to coordinate activities (such as the reporter chairing the public relations committee) because there are few members. In larger chapters, the officers probably have enough to do already, and others may wish to lead a committee. The president may want to consider the runners-up in officer elections, who have indicated their desire to serve.

The chapter constitution may provide for seven standing committees, which reflect the SkillsUSA Program of Work: professional development, community service, ways and means, SkillsUSA Championships, employment, public relations and social. These are called standing committees because they operate for the entire school year.

Ad Hoc Committees
In addition to the seven standing committees, there are normally several other committees that may be needed for special events or short-term activities. Some of these committees are labeled as ad hoc since they may only be in existence for a few days or weeks.

Committee Operations
At committee meetings, the first order of business is for the chairperson to appoint a committee recorder, who will take minutes and prepare the chairperson's report to the chapter. Committee members then can “brainstorm” for activity ideas. The list they approve is presented in the chairperson's report at the next chapter business meeting.

After reading the report to the chapter, the committee chairperson should move that it be adopted. If the motion carries, the committee report becomes part of the chapter's program of work. If it does not carry, the report must be revised until it is adopted.

As committee members meet later to firm up the details of their activities, the chairperson may assign individual tasks such as getting cost estimates, checking the availability of locations or securing outside help or materials. These are the first steps in preparing a budget. Subsequent meetings will vary in length and need not take place at the same time as other committees' meetings.

Committee Form
A sample committee worksheet can be used in deciding which committees are active and who is serving on each team.


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