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Chapter Management: Chapter Meetings

Valuable skills are learned and practiced through organized activities. Well-run meetings are a good example. Learning how to plan and work cooperatively with other people is an important skill set. As an individual, we've each got good ideas, but when people combine their ideas and efforts‚ things really begin to happen! Here are some coaching tips for chapter meetings:


Champions at Work
  1. First, make sure a meeting is needed.
  2. Never substitute a meeting for taking action
  3. Is the goal of the meeting understood by all?
  4. Are the right people invited?
  5. Was a written agenda circulated in advance?
  6. Prepare materials and set up the room
  7. Make sure everyone has done their preparations
  8. Start on time and end on time
  9. Create a positive tone for the meeting
  10. Post and use meeting ground rules
  11. Use techniques to ensure everyone participates
  12. Use a decision-making model
  13. Follow up? Record decisions and assign actions

Roles for Meeting Leaders
Your officers can run meetings, but smaller meetings such as committees can be run by the members. Any formal meeting should have the following roles:

  • Facilitator (president) chairs the meeting
  • Note-taker (secretary) keeps track of progress
  • Flip chart recorder (reporter) takes notes
  • Timekeeper (watches clock, reminds chair)
  • Peacekeeper (parliamentarian) reminds group of rules

Keep Meetings Moving
Your role as a facilitator is to help the group work together, make decisions, and get things done. Set a positive tone. Maintain eye contact, take all input seriously, ask for comments, summarize progress often, and point out similarities among comments.

Use open-ended questions such as, “Why do you have concerns?”

  • Direct conversation flow so everyone participates
  • Use a flip chart to build lists of ideas
  • Keep the group aware of the goal and time frame
  • Generate options (brainstorm and categorize)
  • Record what has been decided, progress made
  • Allow conflict, but intervene if the group gets heated
  • Choose the best option, then put group action behind it!
The American Flag
At chapter meetings, SkillsUSA members develop leadership qualities, practice democracy, and grow into responsible citizens with professional attitudes and training. Meeting equipment includes the American flag, which should be placed on the left of the meeting room as you face the front.

Read about basic etiquette on handling the American flag.

Download a Chapter Meeting Poster.

Download a personal leadership log.

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