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2014 SkillsUSA Championships
Official Demonstration Contests

The following events have been approved as Official Demonstration Contests for the 2014 SkillsUSA Championships, with all states invited.

To request a copy of the rules for the official demonstration contests by mail, call Dave Worden at 703-777-8810, extension 611. You can also send your request via email.

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Community Action Project
Purpose: To evaluate a team of two contestants ability to develop, execute, document and present a project that was completed in their community or school, which provides a benefit to the community or the school. To evaluate local activities that benefit the community and to recognize excellence and professionalism in the area of community service. This event also enables the community to become aware of the outstanding work being performed by career and technical education students.

Eligibility; Open to active SkillsUSA members enrolled in career and technical programs with entry-level job skills as the occupational objective. A letter from the appropriate school official on school letterhead stating that the contestant is classified under the provisions of Public Law 105-17, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1997, is required for participation.

Contest Guidelines

Graphic Imaging Sublimation
Purpose: To rate a screen-printing contestant's preparation for employment and to recognize outstanding contestants for excellence and professionalism in the field of graphic imaging.

Eligibility: Open to all active SkillsUSA members enrolled in technical education programs that teach graphic communications skills.

Contest Guidelines

Humanoid Robotics
Purpose: It is widely believed that, in the future, robots will take over dangerous jobs. Even today robots are used in the military to defuse land mines. Therefore, companies will be looking for talented individuals who can program these robots. In the end, robotics is quickly integrating into modern day life, creating a safer and more productive world. This event will access students’ basic programming knowledge using a humanoid robotics platform. A team of two contestants will be evaluated on their ability to develop, document, execute and deploy a computer program for a humanoid robot to complete a series of tasks. This challenge will recognize outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the fields of HRI - Human-Robot Interaction, Computer Science, Computer Programming, and Robotics.

Eligibility: Open to active SkillsUSA members enrolled in CTE programs that are associated with or include Human-Robot Interaction, Computer Science, Computer Programming, or Robotics.

Contest Guidelines

Interactive Application and Game Development
In this contest, a student will create a game concept for a state contest, have the project plan and booklet explaining their design, and then explain the concept to a panel of experts. Then they will demonstrate that contest.

Contest Guidelines

Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue
Purpose: To evaluate team members' skills and preparation for employment in fields related to and including robotics, engineering, automation, manufacturing, electronics, and emergency services. To recognize outstanding performance by participants in scenarios that require problem solving and teamwork in a real-world situation.
Eligibility: The RoboRescue Challenge is open to active SkillsUSA members who are associated with Computer Science, Computer Programming, or Robotics.

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