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On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Tanya Quinn of Heber, Utah. Photo by Lloyd Wolf.

Change Agents:Insider’s Guide to Championshipsphoto

The elections may be over, but not the polls. In our annual review, get the forecast for these transformative times from the experts who run SkillsUSA’s national competitions. Then find out how they say the program prepares the next generation of leaders.

Patience Prevails

Her mother had waited years to have a child, and so, after finally arriving, she was given the name Patience. It fits this young woman, who has persevered despite hardships that led her to question the value of education.

Gold Standard: Industry Supporterphoto

All it took was the pride in SkillsUSA students' eyes to turn State Farm's Kelly Bever into a major advocate. In a short time, she doubled her company's contribution and joined our national board. Now she's looking for new ways to, as the slogan goes, be there "like a good neighbor." [Read]

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SkillsUSA Champions | Winter 2009 | Volume 43, No. 2
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