Ask Tim

It’s Not Easy Being Green,
But It’s Worth the Effort

People used to associate the color green with envy or an upset stomach. Today, green is going through a makeover, fast becoming the color of environmental responsibility.

“We are making efforts at the headquarters to go green, and we will also expand this initiative to our national conference,” says SkillsUSA Executive Director Tim Lawrence. “We’ll ensure recycling is available wherever possible, and our Week of Service will highlight green activities.”

Want to get involved? As a class, discuss how your chapter can “go green.” Do you have project materials that can be reused? Does your classroom contain recycling bins? What about planting a garden on your school’s grounds?

Once you’ve come up with a plan, let us know here. Remember, the little things can add up to a big difference.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
— Native American Proverb

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SkillsUSA Champions | Summer 2008 | Volume 42, No. 4
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