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Summer 2008 – Read / Analyze Content 

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Read and analyze the articles in the printed version of SkillsUSA Champions magazine. In class, share what you learned through a presentation or written report. Follow up with classroom discussion to enhance this lesson.


What is SkillsUSA's Blockbuster from “SkillsUSA Directs the Biggest Blockbuster”? (Page 6)


List three historical happenings from 1980 according to “Members Through the Roof.” (Page 6)


What is the honor listed in “By Order of the President”; how can SkillsUSA members earn this award? (Page 7)


 According to Peyton Sellers, what will be the benefits to SkillsUSA as a result of its association with his racing team? How does Sellers' team hope to attract corporate sponsors through this association? (Page 8)


Who is “A Driving Force,” and what are some things he has done for his students? (Pages 11-12)


Create a list of 10 possible fundraisers, then share the list with your class or SkillsUSA chapter.


Choose to read Pages 9, 12, or 13. Then describe how a teacher has positively affected your life.


What positive events have happened to Caitlin Upton since her televised gaffe? (Pages 17-19)


How would you answer the question posed to Caitlin Upton: "Recent polls have shown that one-fifth of Americans can't locate the United States on a world map. Why do you think this is?"


What happened to Warren and how did he handle the situation? (Page 20)


If you can’t win at everything, how can you prepare to lose gracefully?


How can your chapter give back to others? (Pages 23-27)


Plan your end of the year social. Include a guest list and agenda. Share your ideas with your chapter.

Lesson created by Deborah Kenn, former Graphic Communications teacher at Lyman High School in Longwood, Fla., and Marsha Daves, director of the Office of Training, Membership and Program Development for SkillsUSA

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