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On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Brooke McLemore of Fortson, Ga. Photo by Lloyd Wolf.

Gold Standard: Alumni Memberphoto

Life at the U.S. Naval Academy is challenging, but former SkillsUSA national officer Elias Tello is more than up for it. [Read]

A Driving Force, On the Road and Off

Take a trip from Dallas to Kansas City with Severo Perez and his students — and learn how fundraising makes it possible. Then, meet two Yale and Duke undergrads who pay back the SkillsUSA advisor by coming home.

More than Wordsphoto

Caitlin Upton may have placed fourth in the Miss Teen USA competition, but she was the talk of the nation after a judge’s question caught her off guard. Her good-natured response to all the jokes has made Upton a real winner. [Read]

‘American Idol’ Hopeful

Whether competing for a gold medal in SkillsUSA Championships or trying out for a top-rated TV show, preparation is everything. [Read]

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SkillsUSA Champions | Summer 2008 | Volume 42, No. 4
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