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Making Safety in the Workplace a Top Priority

Safety and success go hand-in-hand on the job, which is why the renewed alliance between SkillsUSA and OSHA makes so much sense.

SkillsUSA promotes success and safety for its members. (Because, let’s face it, the sweetness of success is soured if one of your appendages is in a sling.) That’s why SkillsUSA recently renewed its alliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The alliance will provide career and technical educators and students with resources and training that will affect the occupational safety and health of young workers. It also aims to increase national safety awareness through events like the next Teen Summer Job Safety Campaign.

“The assistant secretary [Edwin Foulke] is working to make the summer job safety announcements into media events, and SkillsUSA would be a big part of that picture,” said SkillsUSA Executive Director Tim Lawrence. For more, visit:

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Get Ready for Your Close-up

YouTube, SchmooTube. If you’re looking for videos that focus strictly on the accomplishments of career and technical education students, your destination should be SchoolTube. SkillsUSA recently partnered with this educational video sharing site in an exciting new venture to bring high quality videos and opportunities for creative expression to career and technical students.

Check out the videos and other resources by going to: and clicking on the “Career and Technical Education” link under “Video Guide.” Also, look for exciting video contest info at:

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Scholarships Turn Potential into Reality

Sometimes the most deserving students miss out on leadership opportunities because of a lack of chapter, school or community resources. SkillsUSA’s new Student Leadership Development Scholarship will make sure that doesn’t happen for eight SkillsUSA students recognized for having strong leadership potential.

The scholarship has been established with the generous support of Robert L. Flint, former Caterpillar executive, president of SkillsUSA’s board of directors from 1998-99, and one of SkillsUSA’s all-time champions.

Four students will receive $1,300 scholarships to support expenses for SkillsUSA Officer Training 101/201, held during the national conference in June. Another four students will receive $800 scholarships to support expenses for the Washington Leadership Training Institute in September. Flint is leading the campaign to offer even more support in the future.

Only SkillsUSA state association directors may submit applications, so if you know a potential leader who could use a little help, let your state director know. Visit: for contact info.

More Scholarships

SkillsUSA is also offering two $1,000 scholarships through the National Technical Honor Society, both of which will be awarded at the national conference in Kansas City this June. For more, go to: As always, for information on other scholarship opportunities, visit:

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Look, We Can Fly ... at a Discount

Midwest Airlines is offering travel discounts of up to 12 percent for SkillsUSA members. Find out more at:

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