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Driving Life’s Highway

Executive Director Tim Lawrence has known SkillsUSA as a student member, instructor, industry partner and state director. Got a question? He can help.

Q: With all the talk these days about what may or may not happen in the future, I’m worried. How can I take control of my own success?

Tim: As we travel the road of life, the experiences we have, and the people we meet, help shape the difference we’ll make in the world. Success in our education, careers and personal lives is determined by the choices we make. These choices come from both internal and external forces that affect us every day.

SkillsUSA is one of those forces. Think about driving on a dark highway you’ve never traveled as your headlights show you the way. You can only see a short distance, and you really can’t know what lies far ahead. But you see enough and know enough to keep moving forward. SkillsUSA, like those headlights, guides you toward your long-term destination.

In this issue of SkillsUSA Champions, you’ll read about Pedro Moreno, whose path was completely uncertain. He abandoned many negative influences that were taking him down the wrong road and found a beacon to guide his long-term journey. That beacon was his SkillsUSA advisor, Larry Batson. Since that time, Pedro has become a state officer and then a national officer, and he has even traveled to the other side of the earth to participate in an engineering program.

You’ll also read about SkillsUSA students in Rhode Island who turned tragedy into triumph after their teacher lost his daughter to violence. These members at Davies Career and Technical High School took their passion from the classroom all the way to the State House, and their efforts have helped create legislation and an anti-violence campaign.

You never know where a positive relationship might lead. Turn the page to read about one of our business partners who developed such a love for SkillsUSA students that after his retirement, he personally donated almost $100,000 to help them participate in a national leadership experience. Bob Flint, former Caterpillar executive and president of the SkillsUSA board of directors, is truly a champion for our students.

As you travel your own road of life, always remember that things can change on a dime. Sometimes you just have to switch gears and make adjustments. But if you always look to the positive side, you’ll find the right path. I sincerely hope you will use SkillsUSA to help you navigate your way to a successful future. End of story

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SkillsUSA Champions | Spring 2008 | Volume 42, No. 3
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