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SkillsUSA Champions features our members' photography. We're looking for images of SkillsUSA chapters in action, or the kind that show individual members' concentration or perspectives. The photographer's chapter is awarded $150. For details, email (put "Image Photo" in the subject header) or write SkillsUSA Champions, P.O. Box 3000, Leesburg, VA 20177.

Too cool for words: Culinary arts students promote their program with ice sculptures. Trisha Sylvia took this photo during district competition at Greater New Bedford (Mass.) Regional Vocational Technical High School. Her advisor is Rick Quintin.

SkillsUSA works as a family. It works as
a group of people, pushing and becoming better at anything they do.

SkillsUSA National Officer Dustin Martinez, Arizona

America is going through some tough times. If you pick up the newspapers, the headlines are full of issues, challenges and problems that we face in our great nation. But after being part of SkillsUSA this week, and after watching you people in action all week, I have to be honest — I’ve never felt better about this country.

Joseph Galli Jr. of TTI (Techtronic Industries) at the close of SkillsUSA's national conference

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SkillsUSA Champions | Fall 2008 | Volume 43, No. 1
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