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Winter 2008 – Read / Analyze Content 

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Read and analyze the articles in the printed version of SkillsUSA Champions magazine. In class, share what you learned through a presentation or written report. Follow up with classroom discussion to enhance this lesson.


"Beyond High Standards" on Page 5, 6 and 7: Read and share. Who has gone beyond the standards and what did they achieve?


"Dreams of Fields" on Pages 9, 10 and 11: Read and explain A.J. story about two strikes and a home run.


“Take five? Add five instead” on Page 6: Review and explain how you could recruit five new members into your SkillsUSA chapter.


 Select an advertisement from this issue and describe what the ad is all about. (Example: see Page 11)


"Champions Rule": After reading Pages 12-18, list three items and share why they are important to you.


Name the four SkillsUSA’s Workforce Ready System assessments from Page 14.


What did the parent, police chief and Ph.D. learn this summer? (Pages 14-15)


Create a plan for your chapter to celebrate SkillsUSA Week Feb. 10-16 after reviewing Pages 20-22. List five or more things that your chapter could do to celebrate SkillsUSA Week.

Lesson created by Deborah Kenn, former Graphic Communications teacher at Lyman High School in Longwood, Fla., and Marsha Daves, director of the Office of Training, Membership and Program Development for SkillsUSA

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