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SkillsUSA Champions features our members' photography. We're looking for images of SkillsUSA chapters in action, or the kind that show individual members' concentration or perspectives. The photographer's chapter is awarded $150. For details, email (put "Image Photo" in the subject header) or write SkillsUSA Champions, P.O. Box 3000, Leesburg, VA 20177.

Can you spell "floss"? The health occupations class from Lamar (Mo.) Area Vocational Technical School presents dental hygiene to elementary students. Photographer Sam DeLaney came along for the visit.

If anybody thinks that maybe they want to do something different, but they’re kind of afraid ­— just do it.
—Commercial Baking winner (and ex-preschool teacher) Jocelyn DiFazio, Massachusetts

You’re allowing young people to learn a sense of safety and health, so they will be safe on the job and able to go home safe and sound every night to their families and loved ones. When you really think about that, first of all, it’s a great responsibility, but it’s also, I think probably a great legacy.
— Edwin Foulke, Jr., U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor, OSHA

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SkillsUSA Champions | Winter 2008 | Volume 42, No. 2
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