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On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Holly Petersen of Garland, Neb. Photo by Lloyd Wolf.

Dreams of Fieldsphoto

A.J. Taillacq grew up in a baseball-loving family. When his goal of playing in the major leagues didn’t work out, he found a way to get even closer to Fenway Park — and met his idol in the process. [Read]

Champions Rule

New standards for the SkillsUSA Championships in 2008 will include a higher level of technical and academic competencies. In our annual guide, experts behind this major revision share their insights, an extensive assessment program is introduced, and competitors show what it takes to be a real winner.

Gold Standard: Competitor

Not many SkillsUSA students (or anyone, really) can say they’ve followed in Andy Warhol’s footsteps. Meet a remarkably talented designer who’s taking art to a new dimension. [Read]

Parent, Police Chief and Ph.D.

When Joseph E. Thomas Jr. saw his first SkillsUSA Championships in 2007, he felt compelled to write about it.[Read]

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SkillsUSA Champions | Winter 2008 | Volume 42, No. 2
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