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Find Just the Right Words to Write a New Chapter

When you’re writing something, coming up with those first few sentences is often the toughest part. Well, it’s also hard to know where to begin if you’re starting (or just looking to improve) a SkillsUSA chapter. That’s where SkillsUSA’s new “Chapter Management Basics” DVD comes in.

This DVD explains each section of SkillsUSA’s program of work through interviews with successful advisors, students and administrators. You’ll learn tips on fund raising, making industry contacts, conducting successful community service projects and more.

As an activity, watch the DVD as a class. Discuss the ideas brought up in the presentation, and compare them to what’s happening in your chapter. Talk about where your chapter is strong and where it could use a little more muscle, and develop a chapter goal centered around at least one area of the program of work.

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— Thomas A. Edison

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