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Summer 2007 – Read / Analyze Content 

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Read and analyze the articles in the printed version of SkillsUSA Champions magazine. In class, share what you learned through a presentation or written report. Follow up with classroom discussion to enhance this lesson.


In the article “How Lives are Changed Forever,” what is Ashley’s story?

What can you learn from her story?


What is the story “B-A-M” about? 


Explain what cosmetology and automotive teachers have in common? (Pages 17-18)

What does it have to do with customer service?


Find the advertisement on the back cover.

What is the event?

Who are they supporting?

Who is the sponsor?


What is the Chapter Standards program? (Page 20)

How many states participated?

How can your class become involved?


There is more to the story than just the headline. Read the following stories and list all of the benefits of the actions covered in each: (Pages 22-23)

“Motivations to make plans, not just dreams”

“Christmas in April provides the gift of a better home”

“Speedy paint job for mini car race”


What can you do to be more confident in a job interview? (Page 24)


If you need to make changes in the address label to receive this magazine, whom do you contact? (Page 4)

Write a story about how your life has changed after a major event, or write about how you've seen the life of a friend or family member changed.

Lesson created by Deborah Kenn, former Graphic Communications teacher at Lyman High School in Longwood, Fla., and Marsha Daves, director of the Office of Training, Membership and Program Development for SkillsUSA

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