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Be confident at interviews: It’s easy as 3-2-1

What’s the secret for success in a job interview? “Detailed and thorough preparation — and a healthy dose of self-confidence,” says Ray Bogardus, author of How to Win Every Interview, a book based on his 36 years of experience as an executive, interviewer and successful job applicant. Some key advice:

Identify and memorize the three best reasons why “they” should hire you. The three reasons should be simple, true and compelling.

Conduct two “full” dress rehearsals before the interview. You don’t want to go stale by over-rehearsing, and you don’t want to go in cold and just wing it either. Two is the correct number.

Never travel the morning of an out-of-town interview. Arrive one night before, then drive to the location to scope out the route. You can do without the worry of arriving on time eating at your confidence.

Also be prepared, the author says, to walk away from a job offer if during the interview your gut says “look out!” It’s far better to reject a “bad” job and take a while longer to find a “good” one, even if it means asking your Uncle George for a helping loan.

The book is available from major retailers. end of story

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