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Friendly Competition Makes aFriendlier Class

Hear that buzzing sound? No, it’s not a swarm of killer bees (we hope). It’s the sound of Quiz Bowl buzzers in classrooms across the country. This increasingly popular learning tool is not just for official competitions anymore.

“I think of Quiz Bowl as a methodology towards motivating kids,” says Chip Harris, SkillsUSA’s national Quiz Bowl chairman. A recent study by McGrew Marketing agrees, finding that students involved in Quiz Bowl learn discipline, social skills, stress management, responsibility and more. (Download a .pdf featuring quotes and other findings here.)

To set up a Quiz Bowl team in your chapter, visit and scroll down to the “Quiz Bowl” entry. There you’ll find a description, sample questions and a link to a Quiz Bowl website. Maybe you’ll end up competing on the local, state or national level. Maybe you’ll just end up smarter. Either way, you win.

Knowledge is power."
— Sir Francis Bacon

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