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New Ideas for ServiceYield All-Around Benefits

Back in 2006, Lowe’s, through a new partnership with SkillsUSA, pledged $10,000 service grants to 10 SkillsUSA schools, with selections based on innovative community service ideas.

Take a look at the types of projects the first set of selected schools are planning and carrying out. Even if you don’t apply for a grant, you might be inspired to adapt some of these projects to your own program’s community service efforts.

At Blackfoot (Idaho) High School, for example, 49 welding students and their teachers will build 30 new park benches for a connector park between two local communities. At Alfred State College in Wellsville, N.Y., 77 students and teachers from various programs will rebuild a local elementary school park.

Check out all 10 of these inspired projects and learn more about the next set of Lowe’s grants at:

To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.
— Henry John Heinz

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