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Fall 2007 – Read / Analyze Content 

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Read and analyze the articles in the printed version of SkillsUSA Champions magazine. In class, share what you learned through a presentation or written report. Follow up with classroom discussion to enhance this lesson.


Name five companies represented by SkillsUSA’s current board of directors. (Page 4)


Read the Ask Tim” section, and, in your own words, answer the question: “How can SkillsUSA better serve you, the member?” (Page 5)


Who is on the Wheaties box and why? (Page 6)


List three highlights from the 2007 NLSC. (Page 8)


What do SkillsUSA and FBLA have in common? (Page 9)


What is Chance up to? (Pages 11-13)


What is happening in Japan? What career areas are participating in this event? (Page 13)


What type of difference has the current advisor of the year made in the lives of her students and in her community? Write about how your advisor has made a difference in your life. (Pages 15-17)


Review the “Best in the Nation” article and then write your plan of action on how you will compete at the nationals level in 2008. Also, list what area you will compete in. (Pages 18-22)


After reading the “Toolbox” section, list one community service activity mentioned and who performed it. (Page 23-25)


How do you get recognized in Champions magazine (list the address)?  
(Page 26)

Lesson created by Deborah Kenn, former Graphic Communications teacher at Lyman High School in Longwood, Fla., and Marsha Daves, director of the Office of Training, Membership and Program Development for SkillsUSA

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