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Students Develop Leadership With Service

SkillsUSA members and representatives from Timberland form a bond over community service in Utah.

SkillsUSA and The Timberland Co. have been partnering in the name of service for nearly four years, with the company sponsoring projects at the three most recent national conferences.

Now, the bond between these two champions of service has taken root at the state level.

During SkillsUSA Utah’s fall leadership conference in Park City, for example, SkillsUSA students and Timberland representatives performed landscaping and other duties at a shelter for battered women and a center for the disabled.

Timberland is planning similar projects in Massachusetts and Ohio. The company soon may be developing materials for more state associations to use as guidelines for planning their own service efforts. And, Timberland will be returning to Kansas City, Mo., to sponsor the ever-popular community service events at SkillsUSA’s next national conference.

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Honorable Mention

t’s a tag team of epic proportions! SkillsUSA and the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) have joined forces to promote student achievement within the “ring” of career and technical education.

NTHS boasts 2,000 member schools and colleges, and SkillsUSA chapters are encouraged to participate in the honor society as part of their program of work.

As an incentive, NTHS will award scholarships at the next SkillsUSA national conference. To be eligible, students must be active, dues-paying members of both SkillsUSA and NTHS. For more information, visit:

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