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Starting the Conference Countdown

The SkillsUSA Championships, part of the 2006 national conference, covers more than 12 football fields of floor space!

Some events are so exciting, so monumentally gargantuan, that they warrant a long-in-advance countdown. We calculate the weeks before summer vacation, the shopping days before Christmas, and, if you’re a SkillsUSA member, the moments before national conference. (Just how long is a moment, anyway?)

On June 18, in Kansas City, Mo., the countdown to national conference will hit “ignition, liftoff.” As usual, it’ll be (say it with us) the biggest and best ever, featuring a record 84 contests at the SkillsUSA Championships, a new-look Opening Ceremony, guest speaker Kwami Jackson from the first season of TV’s The Apprentice, an expanded Champions Festival, the biggest TECHSPO of all time, tons of opportunities for new friendships, and so very much more than this tiny space will allow. Follow the countdown yourself at:

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Spinning a Better Web

Nearly 10 years ago, in the confines of a small office at our national headquarters, the first SkillsUSA Web page was born. Today, “that Internet thing” (as we called it then) has sort of taken off. With an average of 1 million hits per month, the national organization’s website is obviously an important resource, but it’s grown so big that it almost has its own ecosystem.

That’s why the site has just been completely redesigned. New search functions, better organization and much, much more have been incorporated into the new look — all with the intention of getting you the info you need faster. Head over to to take the new model for a spin.

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SkillsUSA President Joins 'All-Star' Cast

SkillsUSA took a recent road trip down the information superhighway with a live national webcast coinciding with Career and Technical Education Week.

Stephanie Usry, SkillsUSA’s national high school president, joined representatives from other career and technical student organizations for an in-depth dialogue on the value of CTE and their membership experiences. Before the event, students met with U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Beto Gonzalez, a former SkillsUSA member who once won a gold medal in Extemporaneous Speaking during a California state competition. How’s that for proof of SkillsUSA’s value? If you missed the live webcast, it’s not too late; just go to: (the National Center for Career and Technical Education, organizers of the event) for an archived version.

Community service has always been one of the most powerful components of a quality SkillsUSA chapter. But what if there were a way to concentrate that power into one week of nationwide community service?

May 8 is SkillsUSA’s anniversary, and we’re asking our chapters to consider holding a service event for one day as part of “SkillsUSA National Week of Service” May 6-13. It’s an exciting way to gain national attention for SkillsUSA while making a positive difference in many communities. For more information and all the tools and support you’ll need, email Scott Leslie ( or visit:

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For the Record

SkillsUSA’s membership stands at over 283,000, the highest in over 20 years and second highest ever!

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