Ask Tim

On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Sheila Vasquez of Cranston, R.I.

Gold Standard: Scottie Burchettphoto

A successful teacher is comfortable in front of the classroom. But for this longtime SkillsUSA advisor, it wasn’t always so. [Read]

An Incredible Expedition

Taking time off from a high-tech career, a former SkillsUSA student tests the theory that a reed ship built in the style of the ancients could actually make it across the Pacific. As his journal entries reveal, he learned a lot about himself, too.

Pizza and Perseverance

“You can’t just lie back and accept a negative,” says James Calle, for whom just learning to walk was the first of many challenges. Find out how “pizza day” was the start of reaching his full potential. [Read]

Pressure Peers

Two students make other teen-agers think about the difficulties of being a parent —stopping child abuse before it happens. [Read]

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SkillsUSA Champions | Summer 2006 | Volume 40, No. 4
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