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Finding Your Inspiration: It's a Cooperative Effort

You’ve heard the phrase, “No man is an island,” right? Well, the same holds true for SkillsUSA chapters. In fact, some of the most amazing SkillsUSA successes occur when chapters share their winning formulas. After all, why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel when the work’s already been done?

Now, through a brand-new section of SkillsUSA’s website, you can share — and borrow — great ideas that will help your chapter thrive.

At, you’ll find proven ideas that have paid dividends in a variety of chapters. And, if you’re in the sharing spirit, you’ll also find the means to submit your own winning synaptic firings. Covered topics include fund raising, recruitment, community service, social events, and more.

As more chapters contribute to this new cyber repository, it should become a wealth of information that will make your chapter more successful in less time. What’s not to love?

Whatever one possesses becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.
— Jean Nicolas Bouilly

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