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How to Make SkillsUSA Week Strong

Feb. 13–19 is Career and Technical Education Week, and SkillsUSA Week — held at the same time — is a great way to let the public know what your chapter offers its members and the community. The key to success is planning. Some tips:

• Once your chapter has decided which activities to conduct, create a calendar of events and assign committees.

• Form a program committee to schedule guest speakers and social events, such as an open house at your school or a community service project.

• Organize a community public relations committee to provide press releases or PSAs to the local media (see Page 7) and invite media to scheduled events.

• Have a “courtesy corps” committee operate concessions at events, set up stages and rooms for meetings, or find needed equipment and materials.

• Check out the ASK 2004 (Advisors Success Kit) CD or the Professional Development Program for more detailed suggestions.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." — Henry Ford

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