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Executive Director Tim Lawrence has known SkillsUSA as a student member, instructor, industry partner and state director. Got a question? He can help.

Q: In light of proposed changes in our nation's career and technical education system, what does the future hold for SkillsUSA members?

Tim: As we wrap up the 2004-2005 year with this issue of SkillsUSA Champions, just read the articles about our students who have achieved through CTE and SkillsUSA. I know you ll identify with their experiences and see how SkillsUSA continues to add value to high school and college life  and to entire careers.

It s been a great year for SkillsUSA, and you are part of a winning organization. We ve seen some of the most phenomenal growth in our 40-year history. The trend lines in every major part of our organization are moving upward.

SkillsUSA is about teamwork, and more than 279,000 members and countless support staff and volunteers have worked together to bring us to this point in our history. Whether you re a student, teacher, administrator, business partner or volunteer, our year could not have been nearly as successful without you.

Now, it s up to you to carry the torch for our organization, for your community and for America. I hope you ll take the training, leadership skills and dedication you ve learned through SkillsUSA and use them to make a positive difference. You now have the skills to be a productive team member  from a work group in your career field to an active member of a professional or community organization. I know you will continue to be involved because you are a Champion!

SkillsUSA is also about individual achievement, and I hope your personal experience in SkillsUSA has been as positive as the organization s this year. For students who have prepared for our championships, officer elections, delegate assemblies or other leadership positions, this investment will pay off. You may or may not be a gold medalist when the final awards are presented. But, if you have prepared and given it your best, then you have achieved.

What s next? From this point forward, it is my dream that you achieve beyond your expectations and continue to be a Champion at Work.  I also dream that this organization will reach new levels and continue to achieve beyond where you led us this year.

Thank you for these accomplishments. I ask that you keep a close eye on SkillsUSA as you move forward. You ll see us moving even stronger into the future! End of story

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