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Engineering a Cleaner Way to Travel

The engineering tech-prep class at EHOVE Career Center in Milan, Ohio, has created an alternatively powered car from the ground up.

Complete with a gearbox and transmission, and a 9-horsepower, 72-volt DC motor, the car is capable of reaching 45 to 55 miles per hour. The two-seater runs for 90 minutes on two batteries.

The students visit area elementary and middle schools with the car, which sparks interest in energy conservation and a cleaner environment as well as the engineering field. end of story

'Monster' Motorcycle

Ballou High students with Monster Garage's Jesse James

The automotive program at Ballou High School in Washington, D.C., recently hosted the filming of an episode for Monster Garage produced by the Discovery Channel. SkillsUSA students and two teachers renovated a motorcycle under the direction of Jesse James, the program’s host.

A crew from 60 Minutes II, the CBS news magazine, was also on site to include the production of this project in their own feature about the show. Besides the TV exposure, the automotive program at Ballou received the tools and materials used during the tapings.

Host Jesse James speaks with Ballou High School Principal Daniel Hudson during the taping of an episode of Monster Garage. Students of Automotive instructor Derrick Butler (left) worked with James for a week refurbishing a motorcycle. The program featuring the Washington, D.C. school aired Monday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. Learn more here.

Host Jesse James speaks with some of the students who helped refurbish the motorcycle during the final taping of an episode of Monster Garage. Tools, materials and the motorcycle were donated to the school.

James gives his cap to one of the students who helped build the bike. end of story

Trying on Trades

Learning about culinary arts

Using SkillsUSA’s Student2Student mentoring program as a model, students at the Edward J. Milliken Technical Center in Oakdale, N.Y., serve as mentors to local middle- and elementary-school students.

To prepare the younger students for their visits to the tech center, teachers help them develop questionnaires to be completed with their older mentors.

According to instructor Giovanni Chiarelli, “All students, young and younger, learn from sharing their experiences.”

Visit: for Student2Student information. end of story

Holiday Care Packages

To show appreciation for local National Guard units serving in Iraq, members of the Bremerton (Wash.) High School SkillsUSA chapter held a drive to collect items for holiday care packages. The communitywide drive yielded goods for 160 packages. end of story

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