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Blueprints for Success in Your Fund Raising

Fund raising is a crucial ingredient in a successful chapter, but careful planning is the key. First, determine the need for a fund-raiser by identifying the number and cost of the activities your chapter wants to participate in. Determine the type of project that has the best chance of success (usually one that incorporates student skills and interests).

When organizing your fund-raiser, all responsibilities should be effectively delegated. Make sure to get the necessary permission from your school and that the project isn’t violating any local ordinances. Once everything’s set, get the word out through creative publicity.

Afterward, monitor the collection of funds closely and evaluate the fund-raiser’s effectiveness. If it was successful, celebrate the accomplishment! For more detailed information on fund raising and other aspects of building a successful SkillsUSA chapter, check out the Advisor’s Success Kit (ASK). Visit to learn more. Chapters enrolling in the program receive all sorts of special benefits and recognition pieces from SkillsUSA. To preview it or enroll, visit end of story

“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.” — Benjamin Jowett

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