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On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Kimberlyn Benitez of McKinney, Texas. Photo by Lloyd Wolf.

Engineering a Winnerphoto
They all lived with a yellow submarine — for two years, in fact. Taking on a project this size was a lesson in teamwork for some award-winning high school students. [Read]

Insider's Guide to Competition
A look inside the SkillsUSA Championships from the organizers’ point of view. And, since this is our second annual guide, two-time winners (and some with even more medals) share their secrets. [Read]

School Is Where the Heart Is
Their classmate’s medical bills were huge. SkillsUSA members tried every way possible to raise the needed funds — and succeeded. Inside Spotlight. [Read]

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SkillsUSA Champions | Winter 2004 | Volume 38, No. 2
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