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Executive Director Tim Lawrence has known SkillsUSA as a student member, instructor, industry partner and state director. Got a question? He can help.

Q: What does the term "Champions at Work" refer to? (submitted by Kursham Cox)

Tim: I’m always excited to hear from our members, and I’m specially pleased that you’re researching our slogan, “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work.” To answer your question, let’s start with the some of the champions featured in this issue.

In these pages, you’ll read the stories of four people — who started out in SkillsUSA no differently than you — who rose to be leaders and champions in the electronics industry, in the nation’s space program, as our organization’s national president, and even as a professional wrestler and actor! How’d they do it?

These active members and alumni all had something in common: They were dreamers who not only imagined success but also put a plan into place to make their dreams a reality. I believe the common thread that made them champions was the deep passion they all had for their goals. They made a decision not to settle for average but to go a little further, to reach a little higher and to dig a little deeper inside themselves. Just listen to some of their words: “Stick to it” … “I keep going on” … and “If you have a dream, pursue it no matter what.”

Some may believe a champion is only the one on the podium winning the gold medal. But I’m convinced there’s a champion inside every one of us. A champion is a person with passion to achieve — one who stands on principle and works hard every day to produce and accomplish. Just by the choice you have made to pursue technical education and join SkillsUSA, you are proving you’re a champion for your very own future. You are standing up to be counted.

If you don’t believe you’re quite there yet, I urge you to assess your position and reflect on your goals. Look for “gaps” — places where your reflection shows need to improve — and develop a plan of action.

Success is a continuous cycle. Learning and improving never ends. So, study, research, practice and then study some more. It’s the person who understands this concept and who has the passion to keep pressing forward who emerges as a true champion.

As the school year winds down and you move toward new adventures, I challenge you to reach higher than ever before. As you do, you’ll discover what it really means to be a “Champion at Work.” End of story

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