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On the Cover: SkillsUSA Champion Chelsea Coulson of Duncanville, Texas. Photo by Lloyd Wolf.

Career Ed vs. Four Years of Collegephoto

Putting leaders from two camps in the same room, we expected a lively debate.
The surprise was how much they agreed on SkillsUSA’s role in both. [Read]

Gold Standard

Student, apprentice, activist, mother. How does this SkillsUSA member do it all? To do otherwise would be unthinkable. [Read]

Insider’s Guide to Competition

What’s the key to success in the SkillsUSA Championships? The answer may surprise you in our first-ever poll of the national contest organizers. Plus: meet former competitors, an advisor with repeat winners, and a state-level sponsor —all who know that a becoming a champion means much more than getting a medal. [Read]

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