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SkillsUSA Can ‘Make It Anywhere’

SkillsUSA in Times Square: (from left) advisor Karen Ward, Rowe, Raposo, Ramsey, executive director Tim Lawrence and Abramova take to the streets of the city that never sleeps.

You know that song about New York, the one that promises if you can “make it there you’ll make it anywhere”? Well, if that’s true, SkillsUSA is pretty much set.

National officers Julia Abramova (secondary division president) and Ray Ramsey (secondary vice president) recently traveled to the core of the Big Apple, presenting at the annual meeting for AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology. International medal winner A.J. Rowe and machining graduate Suzanne Raposo also spoke to the numerous industry movers and shakers at the event. How’d they do? How does the longest standing ovation of the evening sound? Yup, even longer than the one given to former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was among the great speakers there.

For Abramova’s account of the experience, check out the feature.

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Membership Has Its Privileges

Does this face look familiar? It would if you received the Winter issue of SkillsUSA Champions. This special issue only went to members who joined by Nov. 15.

If you’re not a year-round member, you’re missing out on this annual “insider’s guide” to competitions as well as other benefits.

Make sure everyone in your chapter joins in the fall. (And if you’re still wondering, the proud smile belongs to Chelsea Coulson of Texas, a medalist at the 2002 SkillsUSA Championships.)

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Not Mini-Me, Mini-CD

Don’t judge a secret agent — or a CD — by size alone! SkillsUSA’s new Communications Skills CD-ROM may be of the “mini” variety, but it sure packs a big punch.

Featuring 10 communications competencies, the curriculum on the CD is suitable for high school and postsecondary students and features an instructor’s guide, interactive student workbooks and more.

It works on PCs and Macs. To find out more, visit the online catalog at

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New Way to Win a Medal

Just like the ever-changing universe (so scientists tell us), the SkillsUSA Championships continues to expand. Entrepreneurship–Business Startup Plan has been named as a new limited participation demonstration contest. To view the rules for this new contest and to stay up to date with all updates related to the SkillsUSA Championships, visit

Visit SkillsUSA web site

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