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Dare to Dream Big

Executive Director Tim Lawrence has known SkillsUSA as a student member, instructor, industry partner and state director. Got a question? He can help.

This issue of SkillsUSA Champions is packed with stories of student success. At SkillsUSA, we try to be sure that all our messages to students and teachers are positive and inspiring. I am personally impressed and amazed every time I read about the achievements of our members. It is uplifting to know that SkillsUSA makes such a positive difference through the leadership opportunities provided through our program.

Leadership — I hope this is a word you’re comfortable with. I hope it’s a word you feel you can apply to your life or your situation. As you read the stories in this issue, I ask you to consider this fact: the students we feature are no different than you. Each of them had challenges. Some of these challenges involved language barriers, some involved a struggle with ethics, and some were even as severe as surviving a nuclear disaster. All these students’ challenges were different. So, what do they all have in common? The fact that the leadership skills acquired through their experiences in SkillsUSA helped them overcome their challenges — and helped them become highly successful.

Do you consider yourself a leader? Never underestimate your potential. You’ve probably heard the song line, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” It really is true. These students persisted and made the most of opportunities. They never gave up. Through their leadership experiences, including active participation in SkillsUSA, they were led to places and experiences they would have never dreamed of.

You see, active involvement in a leadership program gives students the confidence and the courage to step outside their comfort zone and reach for something they once believed was far beyond their grasp.

Whether you’re a SkillsUSA officer, a competitor, a delegate, a committee member or simply an active member, this organization can help you achieve your goals. So dream big, work hard to achieve your goals and never let anyone tell you that you cannot fulfill your incredible potential. In fact, when I was a VICA member in 1967, I would have never dreamed that today I would be leading your national organization. Nor would I have believed that I would be writing this message on leadership to over one-quarter-million awesome students and 15,000 wonderful teachers. Through leadership, dreams do come true. End of story

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SkillsUSA Champions | Spring 2003 | Volume 37, No. 3
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