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2002 National Conference Biggest, Best Ever

Look for the SkillsUSA video crew at this year’s conference. They’ll be filming “A Week of Champions, 2002,” a SkillsUSA video release available for purchase in the fall.

Every year, SkillsUSA proclaims the
National Leadership and Skills Conference the “biggest and best ever.” Why? Because every year it’s true. So, with that thought in mind, what will the 2002 NLSC be like? (Say it with us.) The biggest and best ever, of course!

TECHSPO’s 100-plus exhibitors will cover 25,000 feet of floor space. Skills University will feature an exceedingly wide variety of educational seminars. And the main event, the SkillsUSA Championships, will weigh in at over nine football fields of floor space, with thousands of industry sponsors and more than 4,000 competitors in 73 events. If you want a firsthand look at the future of America, this is the only place you’ll want to be.

The action happens in Kansas City, Mo., June 24-28. For more information on all-things-conference, stay connected to

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Calling All (Wannabe) Leaders

When someone says, “Follow the leader,” do you look for one or do you look to see who’s following you? SkillsUSA’s Leadership Development Academies help students and advisors maximize their leadership potential, as well as their chapter’s overall effectiveness.

The 2002 LDAs take place in Orlando, Fla., July 24-28, and in Anaheim/San Pedro, Calif., Aug. 14-18. Along with intensive training, the Florida academy features outings to Epcot Center, and the California sessions include a “tall ship” sailing and team-building experience. Both LDAs also feature a hands-on community service project. For complete information, visit

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Teaching Teachers a Thing or TwoDo you think it’s possible to maintain an up-to-date classroom environment, in any area of study, while teaching outdated techniques? USG Corp., a leading manufacturer of building materials for the construction industry, doesn’t think so, either. That’s why 20 deserving SkillsUSA carpentry, cabinetmaking and building trades and renovations instructors will take part in USG’s 2002 “Teach the Teacher” sessions this summer.

The sessions are designed to help teachers continue their education while getting the skills and curriculum they need to stay current in the classroom. Two sessions will be conducted at the USG Research and Technology Center in Libertyville, Ill. The first session will take place July 8-11 and the second Aug. 12-15. Both sessions will focus on drywall installation, USG product application specifications and product research and testing.

Certifiably Excellent

Jim Gentry of Mississippi (right, in center) and Larry Rabalais of Louisiana recently earned SkillsUSA State Director Certification. Certification requires skills in membership development; conference, personnel and operations management; communications; and industry partnerships. It’s a tough process, and that’s why it’s such an honored accomplishment.

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Where’s the Slogan?

“It’s the Real Thing.” “Like a Rock.” “Turn on the Fun.” “The Best Pizzas Under One Roof.” Can you name the companies that go with these slogans? Following the recommendations of a recent marketing analysis, SkillsUSA has decided to develop a slogan of its own. We hope it’ll be one that the general public comes to associate with SkillsUSA as memorably as the slogans listed above are with the companies they represent. Want to help? Get online and vote for the five slogan choices currently under consideration. Don’t like any of the five? Submit one of your own! You’ll find the online form at Just do it.

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Make National Conference a Cyber Experience

Can’t be at the 2002 NLSC personally? (Remember? The one that’s the “biggest and best ever”?) Well, don’t fret; you can always be there cyberly. (OK, maybe that’s not a word yet, but give it time.)

Stay connected throughout the week of national conference (June 24-28) to for daily photo highlights of each day’s events. Can’t wait to find out who won? Medal winners will also be posted online after the Awards Ceremony.

This is just the beginning of SkillsUSA’s foray into cyber conference coverage. In the years ahead, look for webcasts of various conference events, like the Opening Ceremony, as well as possible coverage of the SkillsUSA Championships as it happens.

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