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Flying to SkillsUSA’s national conference? While air travel is safer than ever, you can take your own measures to ensure a smooth ride.

You’ll need to get to the airport at least two hours before takeoff. Traveling in a large delegation? Carrying a toolbox? Better plan on arriving even earlier.

Some items that were once OK to carry on board now have to be checked in your luggage: pocket knives, nail clippers, files or scissors. Some things are never allowed, even in the baggage compartment: matches, lighters, fuel, paints, gasoline-powered tools and large spray cans. If you need something for the SkillsUSA Championships, consider shipping it separately to arrive when you do.

Before boarding, you may have to show your government-issued photo ID several times. (School IDs won’t work.) Keep it and your boarding pass handy. Be ready to open your bags, empty your pockets, even remove your shoes for security.

Some news you can’t help but use

What’s a “braindrop”? It’s a short tip with big impact — to make your life easier. This issue, we look at air travel because of our upcoming national conference. Later on, you’ll find out how to better manage your time or balance school and work … learn how to deal with change without stressing out … or find the right words in a sticky social situation.

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Here’s what to do if you’re not an experienced traveler. First, after checking in at the counter for your airline, compare the flight number on your ticket to the departure monitors. Follow the signs to your gate. An airline employee will announce when it’s time to board. When you get on the airplane, match your boarding pass to a number above the seats. Put your stuff in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of yours. Sit down, relax, and listen to the flight crew.

Just after takeoff, you may hear a thump — don’t worry, it’s the wheels retracting. Your ears may pop; chew gum to relieve the pressure. After landing, look for the luggage carousel with your flight number. Pretty easy, huh? end of story

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New tool offer benefits grads in construction

Construction trades students’ transition into the work force just became less expensive. SkillsUSA’s recent partnership with Bosch Power Tools gives these graduates a price break on the purchase of Bosch tools.

Each instructor with a SkillsUSA construction trades chapter will receive a box containing the program materials and correspondence about how to distribute the offer to graduating students. Through this new membership benefit, SkillsUSA construction students now have the opportunity to receive discounts on tool packages designed specifically for new tradesmen. If you’re in such a chapter, look for the package to arrive in May. end of story

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