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A young woman lay on her back, her throat slashed from ear to ear. The blood splatters on the walls gave mute testimony to the force of her struggle. The investigation was complex: secure the scene, avoid any further contamination of evidence, decide how to process the scene, and come up with the name of a possible suspect.

Are we watching yet another new version of TV’s Law and Order? No, this crime scene was staged by Grayson County College criminal justice students, and the investigators were 35 members of the criminal investigation class offered at Denison (Texas) High School.

The occasion was the Second Annual GCC–DHS Crime Scene Competition.
Students were divided into teams of three and participated in three events: crime scene investigation, a written test on the Texas Penal Code, and an indoor marksmanship competition using pellet pistols. After each team of students had rotated through the events, they were treated to lunch, a firearms demonstration by a local deputy and a tour of the Texoma Regional Police Academy.

Volunteers from Grayson County College’s criminal justice program judged the high-school students’ performance. The top three students in each event received a trophy.

Denison High School has an agreement with Grayson County College that allows high school juniors and seniors to earn up to 12 college hours while taking criminal justice classes at the high school.

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SkillsUSA students at Pulaski (Wis.) High School visited the General Motors Truck manufacturing plant in nearby Janesville.

At this facility, General Motors produces Chevy Suburbans, Tahoes and heavy-duty service trucks. The tour included an orientation video on the history of the facility followed by a ride through the entire plant. The SkillsUSA members watched as truck doors were built, steel frames were assembled and the final processes of painting and finishing were completed. After the tour, the students were required to write a summary about the experience. end of story

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