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SkillsUSA Champions Magazine: Summer 2012

The Summer 2012 issue of SkillsUSA Champions marks the 10th anniversary of our member magazine. This issue, which is arriving in schools now, is also available online:

In 2002, it was determined that our members would be well served by a new publication. We didn’t want to be like all the other association magazines, full of snippets and news items that would be meaningless in a few months. Instead, our talented editor E. Thomas Hall and his staff focused on building a magazine rich with personal stories – real lives, real successes, real problems faced and overcome, the greatness and the humanness that connects us.

To celebrate 10 years of SkillsUSA Champions, the new issue features cover models from earlier years and where they are today. Every one of them is a former student member of SkillsUSA. Some, like Ed Soto, have traveled the world. Culinary student Megan Barnes Vissari, who appeared on our first cover, later served in Afghanistan and taught school, but she is now at home, raising a family and baking custom cakes. All who were interviewed felt their SkillsUSA experience made a difference in their lives, and we continue to hear that from the onetime cover models who contacted our staff after the issue went to print.

Stories like these are timeless and inspiring. You can go online and read every single issue of SkillsUSA Champions magazine ever published. Go to: There’s a lesson plan to help you share each issue with your students.



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