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E-learning Opportunities

August 14th, 2013

There are twelve e-learning opportunities scheduled this fall. Please encourage teachers, administrators, students and anyone else who is interested in learning more about how to create a successful chapter to attend.

Starting a New Chapter is scheduled for Tuesday, August 27. Participants can join the webinar either at 3:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. (EDT). Each session will last 45 minutes and will consist of practical answers and useful solutions that can be implemented the next day to improve their chapters.

Please register for the time that works best for you at the following link:

Tools for Managing Your Chapter is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3. Participants can join the webinar either at 3:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. (EDT). Go to

Lesson Plans to Illustrate Why CTE and SkillsUSA? is scheduled for Thursday, September 5. Participants can join the webinar either at 3:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. (EDT). Go to

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Further Reflections on SkillsUSA WorldTeam

August 1st, 2013

We held a debriefing on July 16 with national staff most closely connected to the WorldSkills Competition in Leipzig. We discussed what we learned this year and ways to improve our processes and results in the future. The contestant selection process was certainly an improvement over prior years and the team represented us well. But, the training gap between the U.S. contestants and those of other nations is large. When I met with the chief delegate from Korea, he was surprised to learn that our contestants are recent high school graduates and college students. In Korea, they train their students for up to four years, 365 days a year specifically for the WorldSkills Competition. Heidi Walsh said: “Our team gave it their best. Many of them said to me, ‘If my scores can be close to these other guys, then I’m pretty good.’”

Scott Norman, our technical delegate, and Dave Worden of our staff will survey the SkillsUSA WorldTeam technical committees for their reactions and insights. They will also conduct a survey of the Championships technical committees to see if members are interested in becoming more involved in SkillsUSA WorldTeam preparation.

Brenda Dann-Messier, assistant secretary, Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education, toured the WorldSkills Competition with me. I know she was impressed. Following is the report she sent on July 18 to every state department of education. I appreciate her giving the SkillsUSA WorldTeam this kind of coverage. Several people in the state departments sent me the link so I know it has been read. To see the report, go to:

Staff member Craig Moore traveled with the team to Germany, and he did a great job of posting news and photos on the SkillsUSA website. Click on SkillsUSA WorldTeam results. You’ll almost feel as though you were there too. Go to:

More Follow-up on National Conference

August 1st, 2013

Mike Rowe: Profoundly DisconnectedThe national staff will be holding a debriefing meeting on August 6 to make sure we capture all of the positive things we want to continue during next year’s conference and to identify those things we need to correct. There are some of both. Addressing them is how we keep improving

I recently heard from Youth Development Foundation member, Cameron Ferguson of Caterpillar — and the person most responsible for getting Mike Rowe to conference — that he’d been in touch with Mike Rowe. Mike said “It was a privilege to speak to those kids. Very satisfying.” He’s also committed to a campaign to confront negative stereotypes about career and technical education — that’s clear in his “Profoundly Disconnected” campaign — and he sees SkillsUSA and companies supporting us as being part of it.

Cameron said Mike also wrote that he was “amazed how few people outside the industry know about SkillsUSA.” He said that of the thousands of comments he’d received online, the majority were surprised and pleased to learn of SkillsUSA’s existence. They also asked for information on how their children can become involved.

To see a brief interview with Mike Rowe while he was in Kansas City, go to:

There’s another nice clip of Mike Rowe talking about the SkillsUSA slogan “Champions at Work” at the end of Tom Kercheval’s Week in Review video; but, be sure to watch the whole video. As always, Tom’s done a great job of capturing the atmosphere and excitement of the national conference. Go to:

News releases on the medalists and Skill Point Certificate recipients were sent to the newspapers right after conference, before July 4. News releases on medalists and Skill Point recipients were sent to 7,388 daily and non-daily papers. In addition, we sent releases about Skill Point recipients (there are more of them than medalists) to 2,591 more papers. The results are showing up in clippings.

We’re also emailing letters, copies of the news releases and contact information to Members of Congress, governors and state CTE directors so they’ll know about the success of their constituents and can send commendations. This year, we’re sending the information to the main offices back in the state. Those offices are closer to the constituents, and we’re certainly interested in making ties between the offices back home, state associations and chapters. We’ve received word from the office of Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas that he is interested in holding a reception for Kansas SkillsUSA winners . We hope and trust there will be more.



August 1st, 2013
  • Welcome to our new members of the board of directors: Dale Derrickson, Region 1; Jennifer Polz, state directors’ association chair; Laurie Hackett, Youth Development Foundation Committee chair; and, Mike deCastro of Air Products (fulfilling Joe Pientrantonio’s term). Congratulations to the officers: James King, president; Brent Kindred, vice president; and, Chris Arvin, secretary. And, thank you for your service and leadership to: Mike Cowles, state directors’ association chair; Gerry Tylka, Region 1; and, Dave Camden, Youth Development Foundation chair.
  • While it’s not news about the national organization, I believe it’s good to share examples of what excellent and far-reaching work our state associations do. Here’s a story about the recent “Paint the Town” community service activity involving 250 students and teachers from 40 schools in Ohio. The intern reporter might need an editor but, I believe, he captured the spirit of the event here.
  • On July 23rd, I spoke on Capitol Hill to a round table of representatives from nearly 30 congressional offices — members of the CTE Congressional Caucus — about SkillsUSA as a CTSO and ways we help students transition from high school to college and work. The student national officers have just been here for nine days of training. And, we’ve established dates for the board meetings. The fall meetings will be Web conferences on November 19 for standing committees and November 20 for the full board. The spring meeting will be March 12-13 at Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology, Nashville. The summer board meeting during conference will move back to Tuesday, June 24 and the Corporation meeting will be on Wednesday, June 25.

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