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SkillsUSA Mobile Applications

April 14th, 2012

We have created two mobile applications for SkillsUSA members to keep on top of the latest news and events from the national headquarters. The apps provide quick access to the SkillsUSA news blog, our website, contest updates, SkillsUSA YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Check them out:

For the Android market (Google Play), click here for “SkillsUSA Mobile.”

For the iTunes store click here for “iSkillsUSA.”

Constitutional Amendments During High School and College/Postsecondary House of Delegates in June

April 13th, 2012

The following constitutional amendments were approved by the SkillsUSA board of directors during the March meeting and will be voted on by the House of Delegates during NLSC in June.

Proposed Constitution amendment – High School Constitution

Currently reads:
Section 3. No state is eligible to provide the national president for two consecutive years.

Proposed reading:
Delete Section 3 and renumber Section 4 and Section 5 as Section 3 and Section 4 respectively

Proposed Constitution amendment – Postsecondary Constitution

Currently reads:
Section 3 No state is eligible to provide the national president for two consecutive years and each state will be allowed only two candidates for national office per year.

Proposed reading:
Section 3 Each state will be allowed only two candidates for national office per year.

Rationale for both amendments:
When officers were elected by position, those states with large memberships – and therefore high delegate counts – could dominate officer elections. This meant the president could come from the same state for several successive years and that is why this language was inserted in the constitution. With the change to election of officers at-large with specific positions decided by the elected officers themselves, this wording is no longer needed in the constitution.

NLSC Name Badge

April 13th, 2012

The SkillsUSA NLSC name badge is very important again this year. Each conference participant name badge will contain a bar code on the same side as the participant name. The badge will come with a larger badge holder and a complimentary lanyard thanks to Air Products. The badge design will allow tracking of participants when determining attendance to conference functions, contest meetings and competition events for security purposes. The badge holder, combined with the badge itself, is the official entry credential for SkillsUSA conference participants.

SkillsUSA will also offer the service of lead retrieval to our exhibitors. To ensure proper use of the new badge design, participants should not attach pins, stickers or other types of interference to the name or bar code during the conference. Name badges will continue to be distributed through the registration process.

Courtesy Corps Auction Fundraising Activity

April 12th, 2012

Every year, the national Conference Management Team – Auction Committee collects items to be auctioned that help raise money for the National Courtesy Corps. The auction will be held on Wednesday, June 27, in Lobby 2200, Room 2215C, Bartle Hall, Kansas City Convention Center, beginning at 11 a.m. We urge your instructors to donate items, possibly student projects from schools. All of this helps with expenses incurred as a result of having the valuable talents of the Courtesy Corps at our disposal during the NLSC. Please mail your donations to: NCC Auction, c/o Byekwaso Gilbert, SkillsUSA, 1100 Main Street, Suite 2200, Kansas City, MO 64105-2040

Another option is to leave donated items with the national conference registration staff in Lobby 2100, Room 2103A, of the Kansas City Convention Center when registering your state delegation. Please plan to attend the auction and join in the fun. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure! So, be sure and clean out your closets and garages and send us some “treasures.”

National Week of Service Reminder

April 11th, 2012

We invite all our chapters to participate in the SkillsUSA National Week of Service on May 6-12. Chapters may participate in two ways:

  1. Conduct a community service project during that week; or
  2. Promote a service project the chapter did earlier in the school year during that week.

This will help commemorate the founding of SkillsUSA on May 8, 1965. The SkillsUSA National Week of Service not only shines a spotlight on SkillsUSA’s dedication to serving others, but it also showcases the skills and expertise of career and technical education students who are learning to become tomorrow’s leaders.

We encourage chapter advisors to send a brief report on their community service activities to Niki Clausen at the national headquarters – Please let us know in a paragraph or two what the chapter does to help the community and we’ll post these reports and photos online.  The first 50 chapters that report Week of Service plans to the national headquarters will receive a free item.

Imagine one amazing week in May when SkillsUSA students nationwide are busy reporting about their community service event or conducting service projects in their communities. Imagine the power they’ll hold in their hands as they and their fellow SkillsUSA members work nationwide to improve the lives of their neighbors in countless ways. Imagine the difference one week can make.

For planning materials, go to:

2012 Timberland PRO/SkillsUSA Community Service Day Registration Reminder

April 11th, 2012

Timberland PRO will again host the Community Service Day on Wednesday, June 27, in Kansas City, and they hope to recruit 350 volunteers.  Beginning April 16, state advisors and directors can register the volunteers online at: The password is Timberland.  All volunteers MUST be registered online.

PLEASE NOTE: Each state has been allotted a certain number of spots. We will be informing state association directors of their numbers. Please do not register more than your state’s allotted amount.  If a state registers more than its allotted registration limit, Timberland will remove the extra registrants from the state. Volunteers will receive service day tickets as proof of registration. Tickets must be taken to the service day event.

Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity as space is limited. Register your group online today and help give back to the Kansas City community. If you have questions or problems registering, please contact Christy Greco at

2012 President’s Volunteer Service Award Recipients

April 10th, 2012

President's Volunteer Service AwardWe want to congratulate the 2012 recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. You can apply too. Just keep track of your service hours between Jan. 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013 and you could get the award at next year’s National Leadership and Skills Conference. See: for details.

The 2012 honorees are:

Marisa Halfmann (Gold)
Sahuaro High School
Tucson, Ariz.

Dara Dubois (Lifetime)
American River College
Sacramento, Calif.

Brianna Abbott (Silver)
Cynthia Avila (Gold)
Aarica Barker (Silver)
Kimberly Beltrami (Bronze)
Enrique Carrazco (Silver)
Angel Carrillo (Bronze)
Rebecca Chavez (Bronze)
Rosa Davalos (Bronze)
Sarah De Lira (Gold)
Lenin Dolmos (Gold)
Isaiah Eppinger (Bronze)
Nicole Gallo (Gold)
Cinthya Garcia (Gold)
Andrew Gutierrez (Gold)
Marilyn Gutierrez (Gold)
Avril Alejandra Castillo Hernandez (Gold)
David Hernandez (Bronze)
Laura Hernandez (Gold)
Ruth Jaime (Silver)
Janis Jimenez (Gold)
Regina King (Gold)
Desiree Loera (Silver)
Denise Rose Lopez (Gold)
Gabriela Lopez (Gold)
Andrea Madrigal (Silver)
Jenifer Melendez (Gold)
Adriana Mendoza (Gold)
Meztly Milian (Gold)
Marissa Morales (Gold)
Alexandra Rose Nava (Gold)
Jasmine Oros (Gold)
Kiara Ortega (Bronze)
Jessica Noel Peck (Gold)
Arlyn Perez (Silver)
Matthew Quinonez (Silver)
Alejandra Ramirez (Gold)
Berlyn Ramirez (Gold)
Yadira Rodriguez (Gold)
Danielle Schlegel (Bronze)
Karina Soria (Gold)
Marielena Tejeda (Gold)
Victoria Vaca (Gold)
Mark Vargas (Bronze)
Daisy Vasquez (Gold)
Kristina Ybarra (Gold)
Downey (Calif.) High School

Divya Raman (Gold)
Westlake High School
Westlake Village, Calif.

Amanda Balch (Silver)
Vinal Technical High School
Middletown, Conn.

Jenifer Ceja (Bronze)
Christina Dale (Gold)
Alexa Dunkle (Bronze)
Jaymar Harrison (Bronze)
Gena Marra (Bronze)
Beatriz Rosales (Bronze)
Amber Snipes (Bronze)
Aziza Taylor (Bronze)
Delcastle Technical High School
Wilmington, Del.

Anthony Wade Beczo (Silver)
Belleview (Fla.) High School

Zachery Bruner (Gold)
Jamar Feggins (Bronze)
Raven Henry (Bronze)
Jordan Vocational High School
Columbus, Ga.

Craig Swanson (Bronze)
Oconee Fall Line Technical College
Dublin, Ga.

Rachel Abellera (Gold)
Christian DelaCreuz (Bronze)
Megan Dolores (Gold)
Danny Nguyen (Silver)
Ceasar Paguirigan (Bronze)
Tyler Yokoyama (Bronze)
Lane Yokoyama (Gold)
Admiral Arthur Radford High School
Honolulu, Hawaii

Gabrielle Bailey (Gold)
Jaime Paniagua (Gold)
Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School
Charlton, Mass.

Torey Johnson (Silver)
Blue Hills Regional Technical High School
Canton, Mass.

Jonathan Cooper (Gold)
Bristol Plymouth Regional Tech. School
Taunton, Mass.

Katelyn Fitzsimmons (Bronze)
Elizabeth Irwin (Bronze)
Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School
New Bedford, Mass.

Anthony Senesi (Silver)
Minuteman Career and Technical High School
Lexington, Mass.

Victoria Holbert (Bronze)
Jessica Shattuck (Bronze)
Montachusett Regional Technical High School
Fitchburg, Mass.

Kaila O’Farrell (Bronze)
Plymouth South High School
Plymouth, Mass.

Carly Lynn Ward (Gold)
Sacred Heart High School
Kingston, Mass.

New Jersey
Andrew Wang (Gold)
Bergen County Academies
Hackensack, N.J.

Daniel Berhent (Gold)
James Blankenship (Gold)
Kyle Bush (Gold)
William Clapacs (Gold)
Ian Fellows (Gold)
Perry Gabriel (Gold)
Mike Gattarello (Gold)
Thomas Hamilton (Gold)
James Haynes (Gold)
Jesse Kesman (Gold)
David Kobsted (Gold)
Joseph Lucas (Gold)
Brett Miklos (Gold)
Tyler Myers (Gold)
Jacob Pell (Gold)
Andrew Quade (Gold)
Tyler Schmidt (Gold)
Ian Troeter (Gold)
Austin Weber (Gold)
Willoughby (Ohio) Tech Center

Rhode Island
Brendan Cody (Bronze)
Michael Ferranti (Bronze)
Victoria Johnston (Bronze)
Kayla Levasseur (Gold)
Benjamin Marcotte (Bronze)
Frank Marzano (Gold)
Sonia Sanchez (Bronze)
Hannah Schram (Bronze)
Gianna Velino (Silver)
Lori Velino (Bronze)
Cranston (R.I.) Area Career & Technical Center

Robert Anderson II (Bronze)
John Franklin Dunagan (Silver)
Garvin Matthew Ferguson (Silver)
Tonya Eve Goodman (Gold)
Lisa Jeanette Hutchins (Gold)
Clayton Kissell (Gold)
Timothy Littles (Gold)
Joshua Mcbroom (Gold)
Kayla Newman (Bronze)
Tennessee Technology Center at Ripley

Patricia Henderson (Gold)
Mark Christopher Roark (Gold)
Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton

Jeremy Ballentine (Silver)
Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski

 Team Awards

Wilcox Indians (Gold)
H.C. Wilcox Technical High School
Meridian, Conn.

Cosmetology Department (Gold)
Manatee Technical Institute
Bradenton, Fla.

Florida State Officer Team 2012 (Silver)

RHS SkillsUSA (Silver)
Ringgold (Ga.) High School

Thomas Kelly Co-op Work-Study Program (Gold)
Thomas Kelly High School
Chicago, Ill.

Illinois State Officer Team 2012 (Gold)

New Mexico
SkillsUSA Hobbs High School (Gold)
Hobbs (N.M.) High School

Penta Public Safety Academy (Gold)
Class of 2012
Penta Career Center
Perrysburg, Ohio

Vanguard Career and Tech Center (Gold)
Fremont, Ohio

Medical Assistant Class 2012 (Gold)
Tennessee Technology Center at McMinnville

High School National Officer Team (Gold)
Leesburg, Va.

Congratulations to our 2012 recipients!

Visits in North Carolina

April 1st, 2012

After attending an address by President Obama on March 7 in Mt. Holly, N.C., I was back in North Carolina on March 13 in Charlotte for meetings at Lowe’s. I had an hour-long meeting with new board member, Troy Dally. He agreed to serve on the governance committee.

While there, staff and I met with Joan Higginbotham, our new YDF member from Lowe’s and her community relations team. Their PR group attended briefly. This is an entirely new team at Lowe’s, so there were lots of questions about the Lowe’s grants. We also discussed Vision 2020 and how closely SkillsUSA aligns with their business. Joan told me SkillsUSA is in Lowe’s vision for future community relations/giving programs.

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