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New in 2013

Four New Demonstration Contests
The Community Action Project requires contestants to develop and execute a project in their community or school community. Documentation of the project is kept in a notebook and presented at the SkillsUSA Championships for judging. The presentation must be at least five minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes, explaining the purpose and scope of the project, how the project was developed, methods used, implementation and execution of the project and results. 


In the Graphic Imaging - Sublimation contest, student competitors demonstrate their abilities to perform screen-printing processes. Students are judged on printing graphics on various material and surfaces as well as their overall knowledge of graphic imaging.

Humanoid Robotics is a cutting-edge research field that focuses on a variety of subjects, such as artificial intelligence, mechatronics engineering, and computer science. The competitors are asked to develop and or program a robot to perform certain functions. A fully programmable, humanoid robot can see, hear, speak, move, walk, dance, and even play soccer. 

Urban Search and Rescue contestants construct and adapt the mechanical and electrical systems of an urban search and rescue (USAR) robot capable of delivering and deploying critical medical supplies to trapped victims in a simulated emergency search-and-rescue situation.

Two Continued Demonstration Contests
Mobile Electronics Installation tests contestants’ abilities to perform standard installation practices used by certified, professional mobile electronics installers. These skills have been established through the certification objectives and items created for the Basic MECP certification by the Consumer Electronics Association. The event includes a written examination covering the Basic MECP certification, a professional interview and five hands-on applications that include taking electrical measurements, installing consumer electronics equipment in a mobile environment, soldering, working with relay circuits and troubleshooting electronic circuitry.

Two-member contestant teams in the Sustainability Solutions contest develop green technology innovation projects. The student team presents the project along with a display and live model. The team is required to document the idea generation process and be prepared to present the idea as well as the need for the project chosen.

For More Information:
Thomas W. Holdsworth, Director
Communications/Government Relations
703-737-0607 • FAX: 703-777-8999

Jane A. DeShong Short, Program Manager
Communications/Government Relations
703-737-0612 • FAX: 703-777-8999

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