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SkillsUSA Logos
The names SkillsUSA, SkillsUSA Championships and SkillsUSA Champions; the SkillsUSA: Champions at Work slogan; and the SkillsUSA logo, emblem and slogan art are all registered trademarks of SkillsUSA Inc. All rights are reserved, and permission must be granted by the national headquarters of SkillsUSA prior to any use.

Before downloading any of the logos, please familiarize yourself with the following policies, which have been adopted by the Board of Directors of SkillsUSA Inc. To access the logos page, click on the link at the bottom of this page. However, please be aware that clicking on the "logos" link below confirms that you have read and agree to abide by these policies.


Champions at Work
SkillsUSA supplies and materials

Purchase of SkillsUSA Supplies
All emblematic materials are legally protected and will be purchased only from the authorized dealer. E-Group, operating as the SkillsUSA Store, is the authorized dealer for SkillsUSA emblematic supplies and materials. E-Group protects emblematic materials by selling only to affiliated SkillsUSA chapters and state associations.

Manufacture of SkillsUSA Supplies
All arrangements for the manufacture and sale of articles bearing the name SkillsUSA shall be made by the national SkillsUSA headquarters. Any company interested in making arrangements to manufacture articles using the SkillsUSA name, motto, emblem, logo or slogan must submit to the national SkillsUSA headquarters for consideration the following: sample price lists, plans for royalties and a plan for distribution. Before purchasing any customized SkillsUSA products, consult the SkillsUSA Store; telephone 800-401-1560.

Use of Emblematic Materials by Chapters and State Associations
A trademark protects the SkillsUSA name, emblem, logo, creed, slogan and slogan brand mark. In addition, state associations, local chapters and members have a responsibility for protecting the use of emblematic materials. When the emblem or logo is reproduced, it must be an exact replica. Digital art is offered for download on this website.

SkillsUSA members and advisors may use the name, motto, emblem, logo, creed, slogan and slogan brand mark as such:

  1. When made by the SkillsUSA Store.
  2. When made by themselves for personal or organizational use and according to correct specifications. Local chapters and state associations may use the logo and slogan brand mark on materials having public relations value, such as:
    • Stationery, programs, special certificates not offered by the SkillsUSA Store
    • Banquet programs, favors
    • Educational exhibits, television programs, parade floats, displays at fairs
    • Newspapers, newsletters, yearbooks, chapter websites

Local chapters and state associations may give permission for reproducing and using SkillsUSA art to civic groups and associations who are helping to interpret SkillsUSA through noncommercial activities. The SkillsUSA name and art may be used for fund-raising projects that are sponsored by local chapters and state associations. The name of the local or state organization should be spelled out on the materials used to avoid giving the impression that the materials or the projects are sponsored by the national SkillsUSA organization.

By clicking on the following link to access the logos page, you confirm that you have read, have understood, and will abide by the above logo policies.

I agree to abide by the policies listed above
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