Logos and Graphic Standards

SkillsUSA Logos

The names SkillsUSA, SkillsUSA Championships and SkillsUSA Champions; the SkillsUSA: Champions at Work slogan; and the SkillsUSA logo, emblem and slogan art are all registered trademarks of SkillsUSA Inc. All rights are reserved, and permission must be granted by the national headquarters of SkillsUSA prior to any use.

Before downloading any of the logos, please familiarize yourself with the following policies, which have been adopted by the board of directors of SkillsUSA Inc. To access the logos page, click on the link at the bottom of this page. However, please be aware that downloading the logos confirms that you have read and agree to abide by these policies.

SkillsUSA supplies and materials

Purchase of SkillsUSA Supplies
All emblematic materials are legally protected and will be purchased only from the authorized dealer. E Group, operating as the SkillsUSA Store, is the authorized dealer for SkillsUSA emblematic supplies and materials. E Group protects emblematic materials by selling only to affiliated SkillsUSA chapters and state associations.

Manufacture of SkillsUSA Supplies

All arrangements for the manufacture and sale of articles bearing the name SkillsUSA shall be made by the national headquarters. Any company interested in making arrangements to manufacture articles using the SkillsUSA name, motto, emblem, logo or slogan must submit to the national headquarters for consideration the following: sample price lists, plans for royalties and a plan for distribution. Before purchasing any customized SkillsUSA products, consult the SkillsUSA Store; telephone 800-401-1560.

Use of Emblematic Materials by Chapters and State Associations

A trademark protects the SkillsUSA name, emblem, logo, creed, slogan and slogan brand mark. In addition, state associations, local chapters and members have a responsibility for protecting the use of emblematic materials. When the emblem or logo is reproduced, it must be an exact replica. Digital art is offered for download on this website.

SkillsUSA members and advisors may use the name, motto, emblem, logo, creed, slogan and slogan brand mark as such:

  1. When made by the SkillsUSA Store.
  2. When made by themselves for personal or organizational use and according to correct specifications. Local chapters and state associations may use the logo and slogan brand mark on materials having public relations value, such as:
    • Stationery, programs, special certificates not offered by the SkillsUSA Store
    • Banquet programs, favors
    • Educational exhibits, television programs, parade floats, displays at fairs
    • Newspapers, newsletters, yearbooks, chapter websites

Local chapters and state associations may give permission for reproducing and using SkillsUSA art to civic groups and associations who are helping to interpret SkillsUSA through noncommercial activities. The SkillsUSA name and art may be used for fundraising projects that are sponsored by local chapters and state associations. The name of the local or state SkillsUSA organization should be spelled out on the materials used to avoid giving the impression that the materials or the projects are sponsored by the national organization.

SkillsUSA Logos

SkillsUSA’s logo and slogan brand mark are available to members and partners. We appreciate your help in getting the word out about SkillsUSA, as well as its image, by using the art on co-branded materials and items related to the SkillsUSA Championships and other activities.

The SkillsUSA logo and slogan brand mark are registered trademarks of SkillsUSA Inc. All rights are reserved, and permission must be granted by the national headquarters of SkillsUSA prior to any use. One of the legal rights of SkillsUSA state associations, and their chapters, is reproduction of the SkillsUSA brand marks, logos and emblem for association identity, communication and promotion. This right does not extend to altering the logo or brand mark, nor does it extend to using the logo or other marks for commercial purposes.

The effectiveness of our campaign depends on the consistent use of the SkillsUSA logo. On this page, we offer the slogan brand mark and the SkillsUSA logo.

Please help ensure that SkillsUSA makes a memorable impression by following our simple guidelines.

We encourage you to rely on our national Office of Publications in reviewing your planned use of SkillsUSA’s art. Email your designs to Tom Hall (thall@skillsusa.org) or fax to 703-777-8999.

Basic Guidelines

DON’T alter or attempt to recreate any part of the art. If you are having problems with the downloaded art, email Tom Hall or call 703-737-0626.

DON’T add any other words or graphics to the art.

DON’T add a space when spelling out “SkillsUSA” in text. “Skills USA” (with a space separating two words) is incorrect.

DO use the full slogan, which is “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work.” The organization’s name is part of the slogan.

DON’T use “Champions at Work” by itself (without SkillsUSA), in text or graphically.

DO use the downloaded slogan art to represent the slogan graphically.

DON’T rearrange the slogan art to fit your specific item, for example, using the organizational logo and moving the “Champions at Work” graphic to the side.

DON’T use the organizational logo with a different typeface for the “Champions at Work” graphic, or in any way that creates a competing graphic identity.


DO choose either the solid (black) version and the color (red and blue) version of the art, but only as it appears in the downloads.

DO use the solid (black) version against any color background that provides strong contrast.

DO convert the solid version to white if you are reproducing it on a black or background or other dark color. All parts of this version must be the same color — one single color.

DO convert the solid version to another color (such as dark blue) if your item is limited to that particular color. Again, there should be strong contrast against the background, and all parts must be the same color.

DO use the color (red and blue) version against a white background.

DON’T use the color version against any other color background, which reduces the contrast and, therefore, its visibility.

DON’T change the red or blue to provide contrast for your particular item. For example, if you have a dark blue shirt and the blue part of the art fades into the background, DON’T change the blue part to white. (In this case, the entire graphic should be solid white.)

DO use the the official PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors: PMS 485 for red and PMS 541 for blue.

DON’T substitute the official colors with any other in the red and blue version.


DO allow the required amount of space around the art. This equals the height of the “k” in SkillsUSA. The EPS downloads include a white background with the correct space around all four sides.

DON’T cramp the slogan art in a box, or put it too close to type or to any other graphic. Use the correct amount of space around it.

Types of Files

DO use the right type of file for the job. The EPS files are for commercial printing projects. The PNG files are for importing into Microsoft Office documents (they may appear slightly pixilated on screen but print fine).

DON’T use any JPEGs you may find on our website in commercial printing. The resolution isn’t high enough, and the image will become pixilated if you resize it.

DO import, insert or place these graphic files according to the instructions for your software.

DON’T try to open the EPS files unless you have an illustration program. It won’t work.

DON’T open the files in a photo editing program. They’ll become pixilated.

DO provide the right type of color file to your vendor. “Two-color” uses red and blue inks. “Four-color,” also known as process color, creates the entire color spectrum through a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


DO resize the EPS or PNG download to fit your particular project. These files can be enlarged or reduced without becoming pixilated.

DON’T shrink the graphic smaller than 1/2 inch wide for printed projects. (JPEGs used online or in presentations should be no less than 1 inch wide.)

Again, DO rely on SkillsUSA’s Publications Office to review your use of the art. Presenting a consistent image is essential. Also, download the Graphic Standards Manual for our logo art (Adobe Reader required).

Official logos and slogan art