Staff Directory

Office of the Executive Director

Timothy W. Lawrence, Executive Director, ext. 601

Shelly Coates, Associate Director, Conference Management Services, ext. 606

Ashley Ridgeway, Program Specialist, Conference Management, ext. 620

Sandra Moore, Assistant to the Executive Director, ext. 604

Office of Administration and Finance

Kim Graham, Director, Administration and Finance, ext. 602

Missy Wilson, Associate Director, Human Resources, ext. 608

Keith Ashby, Manager, Educational Resources/National Center, ext. 623

Roxanne Hodge, Customer Service Representative, ext. 618

Office of Business Partnerships and Development

Kelly Persons, Director, Business Partnerships and Development, ext. 603

Dave Worden, Program Director, SkillsUSA Championships, ext. 611

Jim Kregiel, Senior Manager, SkillsUSA Championships, ext. 634

Leslie Lawrence, Corporate Development Officer, 214-909-8263

Jeremy Ballentine, Program Manager, SkillsUSA Championships, ext. 621

Brittney Colburn, Development Coordinator, ext. 637

Office of Communications

E. Thomas Hall, Director, Communications, ext. 626

Ann P. Schreiber, Associate Director, Communications, ext. 614

Jane DeShong Short, Manager, Public Relations/Communications, ext. 612

Craig Moore, Manager, Web/Technology, ext. 609

Thomas Kercheval, Manager, Audiovisual Technology/Communications, ext. 625

Karen Kitzel, Manager, Public Relations/Communications, ext. 607

Darlenne Helena, Specialist, Digital/Social Media, ext. 631

Office of Education

Kelly Horton, Director, ext. 610

Heidi Walsh, Program Director, ext. 615

Gayle Silvey, Associate Director, 404-216-6040

Patty Duncan, Program Manager, Work Force Ready System and Member Services, ext. 635

Susanne Kahler, Program Manager, Member Services, ext. 616

Stephanie Bland, Program Specialist, ext. 622

Taryn Zeigler, Program Specialist, ext. 636

Laura Rauch, Program Specialist, ext. 0619

Program Manager

Byekwaso Gilbert
Alumni Program Manager
SkillsUSA Kansas City Office
3703 Ruysser Road
Kansas City, MO 63147